[Openmcl-devel] addenda RE: non-consing short float trap parameters

James Anderson janderson at ravenpack.com
Tue Mar 7 02:39:28 PST 2006

hello again;

?3 i observe that, if doubles are passed where the interface specifies singles,
(some of) the operations (appear to) work. that is for something like

(mach-o-function CGContextMoveToPoint
                 (POINTER FLOAT FLOAT)

it appears to work to treat it as

(mach-o-function CGContextMoveToPoint
                 (POINTER DOUBLE DOUBLE)


the ppc linkage documentation seems to imply that, in some cases, this should
actually be "ok". because a small number of single and double arguments are
passed in the same way - in float registers.

?3.1 is that the way that the ppc trap operations really handle floats?

?3.2 will this necessarily stay that way (for the life of the ppc)?

?3.3 is there any general consensus about whether this is "the right thing to
do"? is "short-sighted"? is "unsupported"?


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