[Openmcl-devel] smaller images

Michael Hannemann mrh3 at pobox.com
Fri Mar 10 09:56:41 PST 2006

Gary King wrote:
> Mostly out of curiosity, how small can an OpenMCL image be while
> still containing "all of Lisp"? The image I built myself back on 10
> Feb 2006 is 6.4-MB, which seems big (but what do I know?!).

I can't speak for image sizes for OpenMCL, but here are my thoughts
after doing some experimentation with generating smaller images with
ACL a couple years ago:

I think one of the reasons Lisp is poised to do well is that these
days, 6 MB just isn't that big -- it's a song and a half, you know? 
Lisp may have been comparatively big and slow Way Back When, but
looking at the system requirements for Java (or worse, merely running
Microsoft Word), I think Lisp users should be quite happy with their


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