[Openmcl-devel] Rebuilt IDE -- Lisp file icons revert to generics

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Sat Dec 8 17:25:10 PST 2007

On Dec 8, 2007, at 8:03 PM, Ron Garret wrote:

> I rebuilt my IDE today and all my nice CCL Lisp file icons reverted to
> generic text file icons.  This is obviously not a big deal but if
> someone happens to know offhand how I can fix this I kinda liked the
> look of the CCL icons.  Makes Lisp files a lot easier to spot in the
> finder.

Are the icons truly generic, or do they say ".lisp" on them?

The IDE says (in the Info.plist file) that files with extensions  
of .lisp. .lsp. and .cl are a kind of source code.  This makes lisp  
files viewable with QuickLook, but it hides the custom icons.   
(Compare the look of .c or .m or .h files.)

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