[Openmcl-devel] One Laptop per Child running Lisp

Brent Fulgham bfulg at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 27 18:51:45 UTC 2007

Alexander Wrote:
> I talked with Henry Lieberman (also a MCL hacker) about the One Laptop Per Child
> project. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Main_Page

> Would it not be a great idea to have Lisp on this machine? Imagine the impact. This is
>  likely to be the most distributed laptop on the planet.

It would certainly be a great tool for anyone with a computer.  OpenMCL was originally written (so I've heard) to run on very constrained hardware platforms (think Martian Rovers or satellites).  However, it seems that the AMD Geode processors intended for this project rule out OpenMCL in its present form.

I think Gary has only converted OpenMCL to run under 64-bit x86 Linux.  These 32-bit processors would not be compatible.

I'm not sure how much time would be involved with the conversion.

SBCL already runs on 32-bit Linux platforms and might be a better choice for this project if something was needed immediately.


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