[Openmcl-devel] compiled closures for Qi?

Michael J. Ferrador n2kra at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 08:47:01 PDT 2007

Gary Byers <gb <at> clozure.com> writes:
> On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Michael J. Ferrador wrote:
> > I've been apropos-ing around CCL:
> >
> > does anyone know what might be needed for OpenMCL here?
> How would anyone know what would be needed ?

Sorry if this was inapropriate.

I was just trying to cut down the number of CLs 
I have on certain machines and this seemed like a
somewhat deep internal thing.

I thought there might be some people here who
knew / compared to some other CL internals.

> Is there documentation anywhere that explains what value
> *CLOSURES* is supposed to have or how that value is used ?

I'm still learning to read Qi (written in itself)
though it does compile into CL.

I think the Qi functions, in addition to the CL compiled function,
is packing up some (In -> Out) type info along with it.

> > I have the other blocks of save (core), & quit
> >
> > just dabbling on the Prolog side with Qi
> > from http://www.lambdassociates.org/

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