[Openmcl-devel] Adobe's Lua interface

Toomas Altosaar Toomas.Altosaar at hut.fi
Sat Jun 16 23:41:24 PDT 2007

There was an interesting link on Apple's Carbon list:

At 18:36 -0700 16.06.2007, carbon-dev-request at lists.apple.com wrote:
>  > I would suggest reading this Adobe presentation on the architecture 
>>  of Lightroom, their corporate imperative for economical cross-
>>  platform development, and how they developed a Mac UI front end 
>>  without using Carbon or Objective-C:
>  > http://www.lua.org/wshop05/Hamburg.pdf

One of their findings (page 10):

"Primary Lesson: Languages with good introspection make it easy to 
export APIs to Lua"

Is OpenMCL's approach similar to Adobe's? Perhaps even more aggressive?

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