[Openmcl-devel] Hemlock in Clozure CL

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Thu Nov 1 03:30:02 PDT 2007


I just yesterday updated Clozure CL from the CVS repository and  
generated the application.
Running Mac OS X 10.5. (somehow my Mac was having problems with  
running applications
- not only Lisp - and the creation of the Lisp application never  
finished. After restarting,
I it worked.) I know have removed most old startup items, application  
and similar stuff that alters the system, but might not be compatible  
with Mac OS X 10.5).

A few things about Hemlock (and the Listener):

* the bold font in the listener still looks ugly

* open a file in Hemlock, type something, undo - the state of the  
buffer (unchanged) is not updated

* I was loading a long Lisp file (376kb) into Hemlock.
   Entering new lines is kind of slow. Updating is not always correct.  
Sometimes there is a new
   line, but another line is displayed blank. Hemlock gets confused  

* I was able to get one Hemlock window into a state where typing had  
no effect. Another Hemlock
   and the Listener still accepted keyboard action.

* The formatting of the APROPOS function wastes a lot of space. There  
are some
   internal symbols, which force the text to move far to the right.
  Scrolling up in the Listener works, but then scrolling down often  
gives me blank lines
  (which should have content). The Listener seems to be confused then.

* The HyperSpec browser gets confused when one resizes the window. It  
   only partially the window if you click on something.

* The font in the Editor should be Monaco ;-), but without pixels. ;-)

* Non-Lisp files (say, HTML files) are opened in Lisp Mode. Should be
   opened in their native mode or TEXT if none is available.
   Only certain files should be opened in Lisp mode (based on
   ending (lisp, lsp, l, cl, ...) and the buffer mode line.

* have a Lisp expressions in Hemlock. The expression should be longer  
than the buffer window width.
   A horizontal scrollbar appears.
   Now select the expression. The click on the first parentheses on  
the left.
   The view port moves a little. Irritating. Clicking in another line,  
'unmoves' it.


Rainer Joswig

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