[Openmcl-devel] Two quick questions

Ron Garret ron at awun.net
Mon Nov 5 15:53:45 PST 2007

On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:47 PM, Ralf Stoye wrote:

> Am 06.11.2007 um 00:02 schrieb Ron Garret:
>> I can't get this demo to work.  There are some single/double float  
>> errors, and after I fix those I get a blank window that displays  
>> some really weird behavior (including refusing to close) but no  
>> other errors so I am at a loss on how to proceed.
> i am sorry to hear that, as i said "wrote it a long time ago", just  
> tested it with Clozure CL 0.1 (19.10.07) and it didn't work: strange  
> things from instantly hangs to window appeared some time later (once  
> in 5 tests).
> Tested it with the version of openmcl i have installed without  
> problems.
> (LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION) -> "Version 1.1-r7313 (DarwinPPC32)"
> So i think the changes in Clozure CL are major ones. ( i suspect  
> it's the way things are initialized, threading issues?). But maybe  
> there are some aspects in this code showing how to setup things in  
> cocoa:
> Tell a slider to inform a target: (send my-slider :set-target my-view)
> Tell the slider which function to call:  (send my-slider :set-action  
> (@selector "doIt:"))
> ...
> maybe one of the experts can tell me/us why the code daesn't run  
> anymore on Clozure CL.
> BUT: I don't want to occupy people with very limited time to spend  
> this on this unimportant piece of code...

Agreed, though there is one thing in there that would be very helpful  
to me if it worked, and that is an example of how to intercept events  
(I'm interested in keyboard events in particular but I'm pretty sure I  
could extrapolate from mouse events).  I'm sure I can figure it out on  
my own but a working example would save me a lot of slogging.


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