[Openmcl-devel] I rebuilt my cdb files...now what?

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Tue Nov 6 16:28:14 PST 2007

On Nov 6, 2007, at 7:04 PM, Ron Garret wrote:

> I then restarted CCL but none of the mysql definitions worked, e.g.:
>> Error: Constant not found: X86-DARWIN64::MYSQL_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT
> MYSQL_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT is an enum element.  But nothing works.
> Constants defined with #DEFINE aren't there.  Functions aren't found
> using #_ (though I can call them manually using the FFI so I know
> they're loaded properly).
> What am I missing?

Maybe (use-interface-dir :mysql)?

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