[Openmcl-devel] Wisdom Regarding File Paths?

Brent Fulgham bfulg at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 6 22:46:19 PST 2007

I sort of understand where OpenMCL looks for files on disk.  For  

? (probe-file "ccl:resources;textures;eye.png")

... this basically maps to the install location of OpenMCL, in a  
subdirectory such as:


So far, so good.

But I don't understand the canonical file paths for Clozure Common Lisp:

? (probe-file "ccl:resources;textures;eye.png")
? (probe-file "ccl")
? (probe-file "ccl:openmcl-icons.icns")

Nothing.  But I know that the "openmcl-icons.icns" file lives in the  
Resources folder for Clozure Common Lisp.

Link:Resources brent$ pwd
/Applications/Clozure CL (Intel-64 Leopard).app/Contents/Resources
Link:Resources brent$ ls
English.lproj        openmcl-icon.icns
darwin-x86-headers64 resources
Link:Resources brent$

So, I have the following questions:

1.  How can I generate a pathname pointing to the current user's home  
directory (e.g,, "~")
2.  I assume it is "poor form" to store things in the CCL directory  
(now "/Applications/Clozure CL (Intel-64 Leopard).app/")  So, is there  
a typical set of available paths?



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