[Openmcl-devel] Secure sockets?

Hamilton Link helink at sandia.gov
Thu Nov 29 17:58:02 PST 2007

I don't know of a fully-lisp implementation.  I started down this path 
once upon a time, and got handshaking etc. working, and then decided 
that it was the wrong way to do things.  It's time-consuming, it's 
error-prone, and there are already other people who have paid the price 
for you.

I think there are two better alternatives to rolling your own.  Give 
them serious consideration and I think you'll be better off:

- script your apps to use ssl tunneling, and use openssl to do the 
tunneling (i.e. use a standard ssl implementation to provide local 
endpoints on localhost on each machine of interest, and then use tcp/ip 
streams to talk to those endpoints from lisp)

- wrap a new lisp stream class around an FFI-driven SSL stream 
implementation (programmatically nicer to handle in a lisp app, harder 
to circumvent etc. for more work, but still way less work than doing a 
full SSL implementation and almost certainly less error-prone)

If you do go whole-hog, best of luck.


Ron Garret wrote:
> Does anyone have SSL code for CCL before I reinvent the wheel?
> rg
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