[Openmcl-devel] linux 2.6.23

Takehiko Abe keke at gol.com
Sun Oct 28 07:51:51 PDT 2007

Gary Byers wrote:

 > Sometimes (I didn't know if it was true in your case), a
 > distribution's package-management system (rpm/apt/emerge/whatever)
 > installs new libraries when it installs a new kernel.

I am running Debian (lenny/testing) on Intel X86_64. Both 2.6.22 and
2.6.23 kernels are compiled from the vanilla kernel.org source (pulled
from their git repository rather than from debian
repositories). Besides drivers and other kenel modules, all libraries
are shared. For instance, you mentioned libc.so and I am sure that I
have only one version in my system (whoops, 'locate libc.so' returned
three entries...)

(maybe my use of vanilla kernel is the problem. I don't apply
debian patches.)

 > The point at which things were dying in the backtrace you sent is
 > groveling around in some data structures that're created by the
 > dynamic linker; I don't -think- that that stuff is sensitive to the
 > kernel version, so the theory seemed like a good one.  (Quite
 > possibly wrong, but good.)

I suspected something changed in the kernel that affects the working
of dlopen but could not find any info. -- If that's the case there
would be many reports, so I'm not sure anymore.

 > I'll try to install 2.6.23 on a laptop here when I get the chance.
 > if you haven't heard from me in a few days, please nag.


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