[Openmcl-devel] [info-mcl] Clozure CL App for Intel-64 Leopard

Andrew Shalit alms at clozure.com
Sun Oct 28 13:15:22 PDT 2007

Sorry folks.  There was a bug in the link that I just sent out.  It  
read correctly but it
linked to the wrong file.

Here's the correct link:


We now return to our normal programming.

On Oct 28, 2007, at 3:56 PM, Andrew Shalit wrote:

> A new version of the Clozure CL Macintosh IDE is now available for  
> download at
> ftp://clozure.com/pub/testing/ClozureCL2007-10-28.dmg
> This disk image includes an Intel-64 version as well as a PowerPC  
> version.  The
> Intel-64 version requires Leopard.  The PowerPC version runs on  
> Tiger.  (The PPC
> version should also run on Leopard, but I haven't tested it there  
> because I don't
> have Leopard installed on a PPC machine.)
> The readme file includes pointers to a couple of simple examples  
> that use Cocoa
> as well as a higher-level window toolkit called EasyGUI.
> Similar caveats apply to this release as did to the release we did  
> about a week
> ago for PPC/Tiger machines:
> (a) we are still figuring out how best to package this up for   
> distribution. So, for
> example, the sources aren't included in this package (they have to  
> be downloaded
> separately), etc.
> (b) it still has bugs and it is still missing features.
> Even with these caveats, we think this is still a useful IDE, even  
> if only to give you
> a sense of the direction that Clozure is going with Clozure CL.   
> Please let us know
> what you think.
> For those who want to live on the bleeding edge, you can build the  
> Clozure CL
> Macintosh IDE by
> 1. Downloading and installing the latest OpenMCL snapshot from  
> openmcl.clozure.com.
> (Note that this version is from July).
> 2. Updating to the latest sources via CVS or SVN.
> 3. Rebuilding everything by starting up OpenMCL and calling (REBUILD- 
> 4. Quitting and restarting OpenMCL
> Oh, for step 3 to work you need to have xcode installed.  As I said,  
> we'll get documentation
> for this out there, and package up a new snapshot as well some time  
> soon.
> Andrew
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