[Openmcl-devel] MidiShare and CCL

Wolfgang Suppan wsu at chello.at
Fri Apr 25 13:28:41 PDT 2008

Adds to my first mail:

In the meantime I succeed compiling Midishare.
I just transformed the compiler-error with an compiler-warning by  
changing the function "ccl:put-ptr" into "ccl::put-ptr":

;Compiler warnings for  
Interface.lisp" :
;   In MIDIFORGETTASK: Undefined function CCL::%PUT-PTR

It seems, that this "trick" doesn't  affect the basic-functionallity of  
the Interface.

So, my question is now: how can I use or rewrite the function  
In the archive there is something mentioned like: (rlet ((ptr :pointer  
macptr-for-cfstring)) ...)

here is the context (the function that produces the error/warning):

(defun MidiForgetTask (ev)
   "Forget a previously scheduled typeProcess or typeDProcess event  
created by MidiTask or MidiDTask"
    (ccl:%stack-block ((taskptr 4))
      (ccl:%put-ptr  taskptr ev)
      (MidiForgetTask taskptr))))

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