[Openmcl-devel] Kernel memory allocation failure

Jared C. Davis jared at cs.utexas.edu
Tue Apr 29 12:23:03 PDT 2008


I can't reliably cause this error, but I'm wondering if there's
something I can do to debug why it is occurring.  After it is printed,
my OpenMCL image immediately dies without putting me into a debug

    Fatal error: :  Kernel memory allocation failure.
    Can't allocate pointer of size 1073815552 bytes.

I'm using SVN revision r8622 on x86-64.

This seems like quite a large pointer, but, on the other hand, the
machine ought to have more than enough memory to accommodate it.

In case it is relevant, I have also increased the following limits to
2^30 in this OpenMCL image:
  - *default-control-stack-size*
  - *default-value-stack-size*
  - *default-temp-stack-size*
  - *initial-listener-default-control-stack-size*
  - *initial-listener-default-value-stack-size*
  - *initial-listener-default-temp-stack-size*

But the image usually works fine and I've used it for a long time.
It's only recently that I've been getting these errors.  Perhaps I am
pushing the system a little harder than before.



Jared C. Davis <jared at cs.utexas.edu>
11410 Windermere Meadows
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