[Openmcl-devel] Small contribution plus question

Arthur W Cater arthur.cater at ucd.ie
Wed Dec 17 15:22:12 PST 2008

Thank you Alex for the reply and the suggestions. I especially like the idea of
defining it in a way that could be modal or not depending on the supply or not
of a Responder-Function argument. Work for another day :-)

The warning did not look like a warning about the 'running' variable.
I thought lexical scoping would cover its use in the objc:defmethod body.
I gather I was wrong about that. Still, the warning message is an odd one,
since it names the objc method and not the offending variable.

btw the reason for 'running' was that in earlier tests it appeared to me that
#/runModalForWindow: was returning whilst leaving the panel on-screen.
I concluded, obviously wrongly, that #/runModalForWindow modified
event-handling behaviour and returned control, and that #/stopModal
reverted event-handling behaviour. I was surprised, but credulous.
But anyway 'running' does now seem dispensible.
Sigh: I have so much to learn ...

Thanks again.


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