[Openmcl-devel] NSOutlineView usage in lisp

Osei Poku opoku at ece.cmu.edu
Sun Feb 3 12:00:09 PST 2008


I have a large tree object in lisp made up of lists.  This tree is of  
arbitrary depth and width. Lets say the leaves are strings and  
integers.  What is the best strategy for displaying the tree in an  
NSOutlineView object?

So far, I imagine a objc wrapper around each list and leaf in the tree  
that implements the NSOutlineViewDataSource protocol.  In this scheme,  
a data-source class that actually implements the necessary functions  
in the protocol would point to the root data-item instance.  And the  
data-item class would point its corresponding lisp list or leaf and  
implement functionality that would support the requirements of the  
protocol, allow traversal of the data structure, and retrieval of the  
values in the data structure. However, this seems to be an inefficient  
way of doing things.  Is there a better way?


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