[Openmcl-devel] Three questions

Ron Garret ron at awun.net
Fri Feb 8 13:34:24 PST 2008

1.  Is there a way to tell when a window has been closed?  Sometimes  
the window seems to turn into a bogus obj-C object, but sometimes it  
doesn't.  And even when it does, TYPE-OF still returns ns:ns-window:

? w
#<Bogus ObjC Object #x14901E00>
? (type-of w)

but doing anything else with the window (like asking for its  
contentView) crashes CCL.

2.  Why doesn't this work:

(objc:load-framework "Webkit" :webkit)
(setf w (make-window 500 300))
(setf v (make-instance 'ns:web-view))
(#/setContentView: w v)
(setf f (#/mainFrame v))
(#/loadRequest: f
   (#/requestWithURL: ns:ns-url-request
     (#/URLWithString: ns:ns-url #@"http://www.google.com/")))

It doesn't generate any errors, but it also doesn't display anything.

3.  When is openmcl-devel going to change its name to ccl-devel?  :-)


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