[Openmcl-devel] CCL version 1.1, Tiger and Intel processor

Rodrigue Cloutier rodrigue.cloutier at ubisoft.com
Fri Feb 29 12:55:12 PST 2008

I was expecting this answer. Is the IA-32 port still under way?







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It's not possible.  CCL only works on Intel-64, which means it requires
64-bit Cocoa, which is only available as of Leopard.




On Feb 29, 2008, at 3:37 PM, Rodrigue Cloutier wrote:

Hi all,


I have been trying to have the cocoa bridge working under Tiger
(10.4.11) on an Intel MacBook with the latest src from Subversion branch


I am working under the assumption that it is possible but I have yet to


Since the version doesn't have the cocoa interfaces built, I have been
trying to generate them. I didn't see ffigen (did I miss it ?) so I
deciced to build it. Now here is the catch, version ffigen4 doesn't have
the target for Intel x86 in its makefile and the other version I tried,
ffigen-apple-gcc-5363, generates fine but when I try to load the package
I get an error stating that class_addIvar cannot be found.


After a little searching, I noticed that the objc-bridge lisp file
define a *feature* apple-objc-2.0. I then assumed that I could just
remove the feature from *features* but each (require "COCOA") seems to
define the feature again. Obviously, it did not work.


Can you help me get the version up and running? Is there a version of
ffigen that I can use that doesn't tie-in with objc 2.0?





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