[Openmcl-devel] CCL/OpenMCL *features*

bryan d. o'connor bryan-lisp at lunch.org
Fri Jan 4 14:06:42 PST 2008

> I don't think :MCL should be CCL's *features*.  I believe that we've
> agreed to this internally, but that it just hasn't been implemented  
> yet.

i recall that removing :mcl was the consensus when it was
discussed a few years back.

perhaps now with the name change to clozure cl, it'll be
easier to cause more drastic breakage by removing both
:mcl and :openmcl.  maybe with a -legacy mode that pushes
one or both back onto *features*.  this would probably
best be timed with all the other renaming that remains
(shell scripts, web sites, docs, etc.).

basically i'm thinking that instead of removing all the
#+(and mcl (not openmcl)) cruft in third-party code, it'd
be left in for people running older pre-clozure cl lisps
and there would be another form added with #+clozurecl
(or #+clcl or ...)


ps.  i like the look of #+clcl.

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