[Openmcl-devel] Error Rebuilding CCL

Gail Zacharias gz at clozure.com
Thu Jul 24 02:34:32 UTC 2008

Did you get the dx86cl64 and dx86cl64.image files from 
trunk/darwinx8664/ccl to start with?

At 7/23/2008 10:23 PM, Chris Van Dusen wrote:
>I'm trying to rebuild bleeding edge CCL from the command line
>(Leopard, X86_64), and am getting the following:
>? (ccl:rebuild-ccl :full t)
>;Building lisp-kernel ...
>;Kernel built successfully.
>;Compiling "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/nxenv.lisp"...
>;Loading #P"/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/bin/nxenv.dx64fsl"...
>;Compiling "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/nx.lisp"...
>; Including "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/nx-basic.lisp"...
>; Including "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/lambda-list.lisp"...
>; Including "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/nx0.lisp"...
>; Including "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/nx1.lisp"...
>;Compiler warnings for "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/
>nx0.lisp" :
>;   In MAKE-AFUNC: Undefined function %MAKE-AFUNC
>;Loading #P"/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/l1-fasls/nx.dx64fsl"...
>;Compiling "/Users/chrisvandusen/bin/ccl/compiler/optimizers.lisp"...
>  > Error: Undefined function %MAKE-AFUNC called with arguments () .
>  > While executing: MAKE-AFUNC, in process listener(1).
>  > Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort, :R for a list of available
>  > If continued: Retry applying %MAKE-AFUNC to NIL.
>  > Type :? for other options.
>1 >
>The warning seems a foreshadowing of the error to come, but that's
>just me guessing.  If there's any more info that might be helpful, let
>me know.
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