[Openmcl-devel] Error Running Currency Converter

Chris Van Dusen cavandusen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 02:40:25 UTC 2008


I'm going through the currency converter example, and got to the point  
of building the application.  After hitting Enter, the Clozure IDE  
disappears (which, even though the tutorial says, "If all goes well,  
BUILD-APPLICATION constructs an application bundle, copies  
'CurrencyConverter.nib' into it, writes the application executable,  
and quits.", I don't know that this is what was meant).

Anyway, the CurrencyConverter.app shows up, but when I double-click it  
"nothing happens".  I looked in Console and found the following:

7/28/08 8:51:14 PM [0x0-0x8a08a].com.clozure.Clozure CL[9130] Error  
during early application initialization:
7/28/08 8:51:14 PM [0x0-0x8a08a].com.clozure.Clozure CL[9130] value  
#<A Dead Mac Pointer> is not of the expected type MACPTR.
7/28/08 8:51:14 PM [0x0-0x8a08a].com.clozure.Clozure CL[9130] ? for help
7/28/08 8:51:14 PM [0x0-0x8a08a].com.clozure.Clozure CL[9130] [9130]  
OpenMCL kernel debugger:
7/28/08 8:51:14 PM com.apple.launchd[73]  
([0x0-0x8a08a].com.clozure.Clozure CL[9130]) Exited: Killed

Googling for the error seemed to indicate that this tends to be a user  

Is this correct?  If so, I'll go back to triple check the code and the  
Application Builder.  If not, would anyone know where to look for  
possible clues?

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