[Openmcl-devel] Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.2-r7902S (LinuxX8664)

Ralf Stoye stoye at stoye.com
Mon Mar 10 18:13:44 PDT 2008

just a small update to the vserver problems:

The provider adjusted the available pages, and now i am able to  
reserve about 35GB for ccl.
Using 10GB per instance of ccl, fork isn't a problem anymore.
(really good service, asked for that at 17:00, done at 18:00, for a  
product which costs 8€ a month)

The remaining Problems are:

a) when using "to much" memory, mcl just hangs instead of throwing  
memory errors
is that a consequence of the bug you told about? ("having to do with  
some GC data structures are initialized correctly")

b) a new problem: out of the box, i was unable to use ffigen.
      the installed one (ffigen-bin-linuxx8664- 
gcc-4.0.0-2007-09-29-23-10-35.tar.gz) immediately exits with a  
floating-point exception.
      is this the current version? Are there any prerequisites  
regarding the installed toolchain (gcc,...)
      can i use the ffigen on OSX to generate the ffi files for the  
      (up to now i didn't spend a lot of time on that, we have to get  
the software running first, but time will come...)

Ralf Stoye

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