[Openmcl-devel] Clozure CL 1.2-rc1 available

Alexander Repenning ralex at cs.colorado.edu
Thu May 1 10:51:42 PDT 2008

On Apr 21, 2008, at 12:26 PM, Gary Byers wrote:

> - when the IDE starts up, it assumes that the CCL directory is
> the directory that contains its application bundle.  (There's been
> an alternate proposal - something like "a sibling of the application
> bundle that's easily recognizable")  Whatever; let's assume that  
> there's
> a simple rule or two that works well for the simple case(s) where  
> things
> are set up the way they are when the IDE's built/distributed.

setting the CCL directly automatically (relative to app bundle) would  
make a lot of sense. Keeping a hardcoded path in the preference file  
can lead to hard to track issues. Could the cclDirectory simply be the  
directory containing Contents/MacOS/
> - if the simple rule(s) don't work, there's some simple way (a menu
> item) that enables you to select the CCL directory, and that setting
> persists for the rest of the session (is not remembered as a  
> persistent
> preference.)

If there would be a need to change the cclDirectory temporarily or  
more permanently maybe that could just be left to the init.lisp file?

ps: I had to zap the preference file (thanks Raffael) to make things  
work again.


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