[Openmcl-devel] isight video data stream

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Fri May 16 00:14:52 PDT 2008

On Fri, 16 May 2008, p2.edoc at googlemail.com wrote:

> At 10:55 PM -0600 08/05/15, Gary Byers wrote:
>> (objc:load-framework "QTKit" :qtkit)
> Assuming in the Clozure CL 1.2-rc1-ppc.dmg Mac OS X disk image that
> only darwin-headers: addressbook, carbon, chud, cocoa, gl, libc,
> quicktime, webkit (under ccl/Clozure
> CL.app/Contents/Resources/darwin-headers/) exist.  Where can we get
> other darwin-headers?
> Or am I barking up wrong trees:

You must be using a PPC.

It's not quite the only issue (QTKit existed under Tiger), but I

a) what the best scheme for handling multiple release-specific sets
of interfaces (like the "SDKs" that Apple's used in XCode the last
few years) would be, and

b) how many PPC users are still developing on/for Tiger ?

Foe x86-64 Darwin at the moment, it's a similar issue: all of the
GUI stuff (by definition) assumes 10.5, and you probably don't
miss too much by restricting the stuff in libc to assume 10.4 (and
since Apple hadn't gratuitously renamed a bunch of things in a few
years and decided that 10.5 was the right time to do so, avoid some
grief in doing so.)

One approach to (a) would be to split (for instance)
ccl:darwin-headers into separate 10.4 and 10.5 subdirectories, and
just default to whichever one of those matched (or most nearly matched)
the OS version you were running.

A shorter, less rambling answer: no, there aren't qtkit interfaces for
the PPC.  It's fairly easy to generate them, but a little hard to
figure out what set of interfaces (10.4, 10.5) should be the default
and there's no current scheme to let multiple sets of interfaces coexist.

I'd want to think about it a little more, but at the moment it sounds
like a simple scheme to address that issue would be way better than
not addressing it at all.  The last time that there was an OS transition
(when Tiger was introduced), I think that we eventually found that it
"worked" to use Tiger interfaces on 10.3, as long as one avoided using
Tiger-specific functionality when running 10.3.  I'm not sure that that'd
still work, both because of changes in the way that the bridge works and
because there's probably more new stuff in Leopard (relative to Tiger)
than there was between Tiger and its predecessor (whose cat/code-name
I've already forgotten.)

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