[Openmcl-devel] Cockpit Error using SAVE-APPLICATION?

j-anthony at comcast.net j-anthony at comcast.net
Fri Nov 7 15:56:40 PST 2008

OK, I'm the one with egg on my face.  I apologize if anyone wasted more
than a fempto second on this.

I said:

> I have a bit of an odd thing which seems to happen whether I use the
--eval approach
> or the toplevel-function method/application approach.
>In both cases, everything seems to startup and run.  By which I mean
>clients can send messages and get responses and so forth - basically all
>the application functionality -- with the exception that the log files are
>not written.  I note that the logging facility (log4cl) does not have a

This has absolutely nothing to do with either approach and is just an
initialization difference because the save-application approach doesn't
load the application on startup (Doh! that's what it's about!) and so some
bogus assumptions about switches being set at _load_ time that of course
are not set in any scenario using save-application since load time is long
gone.  They simply needed to be set as part of initialization in the init
file (which is where they should have been all along anyway).

Sorry again for any cycles wasted on this.


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