[Openmcl-devel] directory, create-directory, ...

Jon S. Anthony j-anthony at comcast.net
Mon Oct 6 21:45:01 PDT 2008

> I strongly suspect that reality is often just plain wrong, but that
> suspicion has never done me much good ...  Please read Peter's tutorial.

I have, but really, this just isn't the issue.

> The keyword arguments to DIRECTORY should really be documented
> somewhere other than in comments in the source,

This is the issue.  Though I do sympathize with the usual issues around
open source.  I am definitely spoiled by the completeness and direct
access available on this sort of impl specific stuff in Allegro (and no
doubt in other commercial offerings).

>  but they have nothing
> to do with how namestrings are parsed into pathnames in general or in
> a particular implementation.  (They do have to do with whether things
> which could potentially be included in DIRECTORY's results are in fact
> included in those results.)

Well, yes, _exactly_.

> Likewise, it'd be better if the MODE argument to CREATE-DIRECTORY
> was documented (via DOCUMENTATION or the manual or both.)

Again, exactly.  But also again, I understand the constraints in an open
source world.  For example, I am using CCL (and mostly without much
issues) in a startup, and frankly the 12-15 hours a day at that work
don't leave me in much of a mood or position to root around and find
this information and then document it for the good of the "community".

>   It'd
> be even worse than it is if sources weren't available or if M-.
> didn't work.

Actually, this isn't much good either as the source has little comments
on what/how these are used.  True, I could try to read the code and
reverse engineer this, but see above.

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