[Openmcl-devel] AppleScript'ing equivalents in Lisp?

Christian Lynbech christian at defun.dk
Mon Oct 20 11:00:35 PDT 2008

Being an utter newbie at this Mac thing, I wondered if there where an
relatively easy way to access application functionality as I understand
one can with AppleScript?

I have the dual problem of finding out which objects to access and how
to access them. AppleScript does not look that frightening but I would
rather access the information from an environment that I know and love :-)

My first target project is to sanitize some track information in
iTunes. Sometimes what should have been the track title, ends up in the
composer field and handling that one track at a time is frustratingly
laborious when I just want to shuffle some existing fields in some
one-of fashion.

Christian Lynbech       | christian #\@ defun #\. dk
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