[Openmcl-devel] Maxima + Clozure on Windows

Alexander Repenning ralex at cs.colorado.edu
Wed Apr 1 11:55:04 PDT 2009

Sounds very exciting indeed but I am curious why this will be great  
for the Maxima community? I mean I can see that this will be great for  
the CL and CCL community - I could use it for instance - but the value  
added to the existing Maxima community  is less obvious to me. It is  
not that I have doubts but I would just like to know the actual  
reasons why the Maxima community is interested in Lisp interfaces.

just curious,  Alex

On Mar 31, 2009, at 11:11 AM, Barton Willis wrote:

> As of last evening, the Maxima test suite runs OK  using 32 bit  
> Clozure
> for Windows XP.  I thank the Clozure CL developers,
> Gary Byers and R. Matthew Emerson, for their help.  Being able to run
> Maxima using Clozure CL under Windows, Linux,
> and OSX will be a great for the Maxima community.
> Barton
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