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Daniel Weinreb dlw at alum.mit.edu
Sun Apr 12 07:43:09 PDT 2009

Gary Byers wrote:
>   I'm not really sure that I
> understand the point of this email thread and I'm sure that I must
> have missed some context, but some part of it seems to be an attempt
> to convince me (or someone) that CODE-CHAR should never return NIL
Sorry, Gary.  The context is the babel test suite.  It failed on CCL
because it was depending on code-char never returning nil, and also
because it includes uses of #\u with values that are not characters
in CCL.

I was making some performance improvements in babel and wanted
to make sure the test suite still passed, and I ran into this problem.
I had to comment out the #\u's (+# didn't work because they're
using their own #+) and modify the test using code-char to
ignore cases where it returns nil.

-- Dan

Daniel Weinreb
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