[Openmcl-devel] CCL 1.3 UI remarks, Mac

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Tue Apr 14 02:59:11 PDT 2009


a) when I open a Lisp file that has lines longer than the visible view  
I get the following unwanted effect:

     the window gets open fine.

     now resize the window, for example make the window longer.

     Effect: the text moves slightly (pixels) to the left. This aligns  
the left most character with the window border.
        additionally also the horizontal scrollbar is updated.
        I can readjust the horizontal text position by dragging the  
scrollbar to the left.

    This happens also if I reduce the width of a window and the  
scrollbar appears.

    I would prefer that on resizing the window, the horizontal  
position of the text within the window does not change.

b) the about dialog talks about Clozure Common Lisp 0.1, the Listener  
mentions Clozure Common Lisp 1.3

c) I find the bottom of the editor window to be visually  
unattractive ;-). It displays status text about the buffer,
     but the status region does not extend all to the right. There is  
a region on the right side that is reserved for
    a horizontal scrollbar. The horizontal scrollbar will only be  
displayed when necessary. If not displayed, then
    the region looks different from the left part - somehow this  
confuses me visually.

    Also: the Listener does not automatically display the horizontal  
scrollbar - why not?

d) I would like to get a modification indication of a text buffer in  
the status line. Currently only the
     icon in the title line gets dimmed.


Rainer Joswig

Rainer Joswig, Hamburg, Germany
mailto:joswig at lisp.de

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