[Openmcl-devel] ccl manual (was Re: trace on recursive functions)

Gail Zacharias gz at clozure.com
Sat Dec 12 07:12:08 PST 2009

The advantage of using the wiki, rather than docbook or latex or 
s-expressions, as the source, is that it's a wiki.  The barrier to 
fixing a typo or improving an explanation as you're looking at it is 
much lower in a wiki, compared to having to go off and find the 
source elsewhere, locate the paragraph, make the change, submit a patch.

FWIW, the problem with DocBook is not XML per se, it's the amount of 
boilerplate you have to put in for every definition, even if you 
don't use any of those fabulous fancy features the boilerplate 
enables (and we never will, because history tells us that sooner or 
later we'll need to move to yet another system, so the simpler we 
keep the doc, the better).  Using s-expressions of our own design 
would certainly let us avoid that problem, but s-expressions are 
still pretty verbose.  If we're going to stick with having the master 
source be in subversion rather than wiki, I do like LaTex the best.

At 12/12/2009 09:14 AM, Raffael Cavallaro wrote:

>On Dec 11, 2009, at 9:36 PM, Ron Garret wrote:
> > I can't stand it any more.
>You beat me to it. Kind of through-the-looking-glass to see XML 
>advocated on a lisp implementation mailing list.
>In fact, there was even a thread back in may about how to get cl-who 
>to turn this:
>    :track-mouse t :title "Objects" :margin 0
>    (:agent-3d-view :name "scene"
>                    (:cube :texture "crate.png")
>                    (:sphere :x 2.0)
>                    (:sphere :x 3.0 :texture "earth.png")
>                    (:cube :size 3.0 :z -3.5 :texture "crate.png")
>                    (:cube :x 5 :roll 45.0)
>                    (:sky-dome :pitch 90)))
>into this:
><chatty-window track-mouse='track-mouse' title='Objects' margin='0'>
>   <agent-3d-view name='scene'>
>     <cube texture='crate.png'></cube>
>     <sphere x='2.0'></sphere>
>     <sphere x='3.0' texture='earth.png'></sphere>
>     <cube size='3.0' z='-3.5' texture='crate.png'></cube>
>     <cube x='5' roll='45.0'></cube>
>     <sky-dome pitch='90'></sky-dome>
>   </agent-3d-view>
>The macro to do it is less than 10 lines of lisp.
>Seems like there should be a relatively simple way to do the round 
>trip lisp->xml->lisp using cl-who and one of the several xml parsing 
>lisp libraries (including Alex Repenning's XMLisp).
>Raffael Cavallaro
>raffaelcavallaro at me.com
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