[Openmcl-devel] Small glitch building on ppc

Bruce O'Neel ecl at pckswarms.ch
Fri Feb 6 07:09:48 PST 2009


I checked out version 11693M this morning and building on ppc falls over
in gc-common.c.

The problem seems to come from 

ppc-constants.h:#define fn 16

but gc-common.c, starting around line 670,

  void *p, *next, *addr;
  struct xmacptr *x, *xnext;
  int i, flags;
  xmacptr_dispose_fn fn;

and any reference to fn in freeGCptrs and the following function 
register_xmacptr_dispose_function causes indegestion in the c compiler.

Renaming fn to fn1 fixes the problem.

Thanks for ccl!



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