[Openmcl-devel] Cocoa IDE v1 project

Jeremy Jones jaj at clozure.com
Thu Feb 12 10:38:49 PST 2009

This is just a quick note letting people know about what's happening
on the Cocoa IDE project.  I'm taking on the project management role.
We are planning to proceed in the following way:

Every non-trivial thing to be done on the IDE project should have a
Trac ticket.  There are currently two milestones to be used for the
project: 'Cocoa IDE v1'  and 'Cocoa IDE v?'  The v1 milestone is used
for tickets that are intended to go into the first released version of
the IDE.  The v? milestone is used for IDE tickets we don't plan to
put into the first version.  We can revisit the v? tickets
occasionally.  Some of them could be put into v1 or into v2 when the
time comes.  Note that the component of these tickets might or might
not be 'IDE'.  Things may need to be done in other parts of the system
to support the IDE project.

The priority of the Cocoa IDE v1 tickets indicate how important it is
for the IDE v1 release.  We intend to address all of the blocker and
critical tickets and almost all of the major tickets.  Normal and
minor tickets will be addressed if time and resources allow.  We're
hoping to address a significant fraction of these.

This URL will show you all of the IDE v1 tickets in priority order:

The process of cleaning up the IDE tickets is still underway, and it
will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.  (We don't
know how long that will be right now, but we are planning to put in
well over two person months of effort.)

We are counting on the feedback of the CCL community to help us to do
what you want.  If something is bugging you about the IDE, then please
make a new Trac ticket.  If you really want something for the IDE,
then make a new enhancement Trac ticket.  In either case, make sure
the milestone is set to 'Cocoa IDE v1'.  Note that we may decide to
change it to 'Cocoa IDE v?' when we accept the ticket.  In other
words, we might decide to do it later.

Please look over the tickets and make comments.  If you think the
priority should be changed, let us know.  If you have a reproducible
test case for a bug that doesn't already have one, please put it in.
This is especially helpful.  If you have a clarification, or anything
else helpful to say, please add a comment.  We will be regularly going
over the v1 tickets as we work on the IDE.  Also, if you want to
contribute in other ways, let us know.  This not only includes coding,
but testing and documentation.  We are happy to assign tickets to
anyone willing and able to do the work.

Also note, that if you contributed money to the IDE effort, then your
input carries more weight.  There is a 'funded' keyword for tickets
important to funders.  By the way, it's not too late to donate money
to the effort.  The more money donated, the more time we can put into
the IDE, and the better it will be.

Thank you!  Let's make this IDE much better than MCL.

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