[Openmcl-devel] Hi from new user

Denis Bodyak budden-lisp at mail.ru
Mon Feb 23 00:40:48 PST 2009


 I'm running ccl1.3 under win32. Some oddities are found.

1. unable to (rebuild-ccl :clean t). It seems to hang up at loading 
levelnfasload.wx32fsl. For now I've checked it on two hosts, will try
one other host tomorrow. This may be caused by some viruses though. 

So all subsequent is related to 1.3 release which I get from svn. 

2. #p"md5.asd.lnk" -> #P"md5'.asd.lnk"
Neither clisp nor lispworks do so, so I think it is a bug. 

. Similar things happen under linux32:
#p"md5.asd.lnk" -> #P"md5\.asd.lnk" or something like this.

3. When running on terminal, 

reads in as a string of

not as string of

This causes problems when capturing
output of win32 console programs. 

(probe-file "d:/ccl/lib") -> ok
(probe-file "d:/ccl\\lib") -> ok
(probe-file "d:\\ccl\\lib") -> "d is not a defined logical host"

I'd like to try fix it myself, but this looks 
impossible as I can't build. 


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