[Openmcl-devel] IDE Hyperspec Lookup bug?

George Khouri gk1 at four-four.com
Tue Feb 24 13:00:49 PST 2009

It appears that in CCL 1.3 that the string "Data/Map_Sym.txt"  needs  
to be coerced to an NSString in the definition of hyperspec-map-hash  
in cocoa-doc.lisp.  Otherwise I end up in the debugger. (PPC G4, OS  
10.4.11). I didn't see a ticket on this.

(defun hyperspec-map-hash (document)
   (or *hyperspec-map-sym-hash*
       (rlet ((perror :id  +null-ptr+))
         (let* ((map-url (make-instance 'ns:ns-url :with-string  
#@"Data/Map_Sym.txt" :relative-to-url (hyperspec-root-url)))

George Khouri
gk1 at four-four.com

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