[Openmcl-devel] Hi from new user

Dimiter "malkia" Stanev malkia at mac.com
Mon Feb 23 12:39:58 PST 2009

Try doing that from C:, if you can't you can hardlink c:\ccl to d:\ccl 
(this is what I do).

There was some post where you can fix this using an environment 
variable, but I can't find the post (it might've been on any of the 
lisp.mcl.* or lisp.openmcl.*)

I don't think ClozureCL recognizes the drive letter yet (I wish there 
was no such thing as drive letter at first place).

Denis Bodyak wrote:
> Hi!
>  I'm running ccl1.3 under win32. Some oddities are found.
> 1. unable to (rebuild-ccl :clean t). It seems to hang up at loading 
> levelnfasload.wx32fsl. For now I've checked it on two hosts, will try
> one other host tomorrow. This may be caused by some viruses though. 
> So all subsequent is related to 1.3 release which I get from svn. 
> 2. #p"md5.asd.lnk" -> #P"md5'.asd.lnk"
> Neither clisp nor lispworks do so, so I think it is a bug. 
> .. Similar things happen under linux32:
> #p"md5.asd.lnk" -> #P"md5\.asd.lnk" or something like this.
> 3. When running on terminal, 
> "a
> b"
> reads in as a string of
> #\a,#\Return,#\b
> not as string of
> #\a,#\Newline,#\b
> This causes problems when capturing
> output of win32 console programs. 
> 4. 
> (probe-file "d:/ccl/lib") -> ok
> (probe-file "d:/ccl\\lib") -> ok
> (probe-file "d:\\ccl\\lib") -> "d is not a defined logical host"
> I'd like to try fix it myself, but this looks 
> impossible as I can't build. 
> Thanks...
> Budden

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