[Openmcl-devel] problem with style-warning

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Sat Jan 31 00:11:03 PST 2009

Issue the following at a clozure prompt:  (warn 'style-warning)

Clozure responds with
Slot CCL::WARNING-TYPE is unbound in #<STYLE-WARNING #x300042DE883D>
    [Condition of type UNBOUND-SLOT]

It appears that report-compiler-warning assumes the warning-type slot is 
always bound, though it isn't specified in CLHS.

This issue came up when trying to use the current version of metabang-bind 
(0.7.2 or later) with clozure.  Metabang-bind triggers this problem with 
the following code.

(define-condition simple-style-warning (style-warning simple-warning)

(defun simple-style-warning (message &rest args)
   (warn 'simple-style-warning :format-control message :format-arguments args))

Is this a bug in clozure, metabang-bind, both?  Please advise how to 


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