[Openmcl-devel] lost word completion

Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Mon Jun 1 03:09:33 PDT 2009

The two latest trunks I have are r12148M and r12169M.

In r12148M with the button "use option key as meta" back slash has  
functioned as a word completion.
In r12148M without th button use option key as meta" back slash has  
been backslash.
In r12148M backslash has given backslash with or without "use option  
key as meta" in the Apropos, Search File, and Find windows...

In r12169 I now have only backslash as backslash, with ot without "use  
option key as meta" everywhere.
Is this a bug, or have the word completion functionality been moved to  
another key?


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