[Openmcl-devel] Scribble demo

Ron Garret ron at awun.net
Tue Jun 2 23:41:30 PDT 2009

After much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth I finally got a bunch of  
basic demos working, including this one which implements a little  
scribble window.  It's a useful example, I think, because it's very  
small, self-contained, and illustrates a lot of major UI concepts,  
including drawing and event handling.  It's still rough, probably  
leaks a lot of memory, but it works.

I can also happily report that although I became very intimate with  
the altConsole while working on this code, in the final analysis none  
of the problems I encountered turned out to be problems with CCL.   
It's not quite ready to unleash on newbies, but for semi-experienced  
coders I'd say CCL is ready for prime time.  I'm probably switching  
from Python back to Lisp for my next project.  Woohoo!


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