[Openmcl-devel] Another demo: scalable image view

Ron Garret ron at awun.net
Wed Jun 3 14:43:54 PDT 2009

Since the scribble demo was so well received I'm sending out another  
one that I found kind of handy to refer back to.  This one displays  
images that dynamically resize themselves with the containing window.

This demo is not standalone, it relies fairly heavily on some of my  
private utilities, and in particular one called BB (for Binding  
Block), which in turn relies on a bunch of other stuff.  The utilities  
file has a lot of old cruft in it.  (I've been maintaining this file  
for my own personal use for over twenty years!)  I tried to pull out a  
smaller subset of it to support this demo, but the dependency graph  
turned out to be pretty tangled and I decided it was more trouble than  
it was worth.  One of these days I'll have my non-filesystem-based  
source control system up and running and this sort of thing will be  
handled automatically but for now if you want to use this demo you'll  
have to put up with my legacy code, or convert it to vanilla CL  

There is one bug in this code: sometimes the image does not appear  
right away and you have to resize the window to get it to show up.   
This is probably due to a missing call to performSelectorOnMainThread  
somewhere, but I can't figure out where at the moment.

Feedback welcome.


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