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Steve Núñez steve.nunez at illation.com.sg
Sun Jun 7 16:56:42 PDT 2009


I hope you¹ll forgive a question that¹s only tangentially related to

I¹ve got a project coming up that involves predictive modelling and PMML.
This is an area I have been involved with in the past, but am quite rusty.
It seems that the Œstate of the art¹ is ŒR¹. It¹s an active, up to date
project, with many contributions. In the Lisp side, there¹s Œlisp-stat¹,
which seems dead.

I don¹t mind learning ŒR¹, but it¹s YAL (Yet Another Language ‹ when are we
(the industry) going to stop wasting time with this?), but would prefer not
to add the learning curve time required to the project.

Are there any viable alternatives for doing statistics in Lisp?

    - Steve


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