[Openmcl-devel] SSL_load_error_strings

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Tue Jun 23 03:54:34 PDT 2009

On a Fedora 10 system (which is likely sort of a distant cousin of
whatever version of CentOS you're running), 'libssl.so' is a symbolic
link to a particular version of the SSL library; the versioned library
is installed as part of an 'openssl' package, while the link is part
of an 'openssl-devel' package.  There are possibly both 64- and 32-bit
versions, and you seem to be running a 64-bit version of CCL (and
therefore want to install the 64-bit version(s)).

The original error about failure to resolve (determine the address of)
the symbol "SSL_load_error_strings" would usually occur if something
tries to use (call the code at) that address.  Before reaching that
point, the lisp package ("drakma" or one of its dependencies) that
you're using would likely have tried to open the library that defines
that symbol.  That presumably didn't happen or quietly failed; you might
want to see if you can find out what's going on there (since loading the
library would be the first step here ...)

On Tue, 23 Jun 2009, Patrick May wrote:

> On 22 Jun 2009, at 22:30, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:
>> On Jun 22, 2009, at 9:13 PM, Patrick May wrote:
>>> 	I'm using drakma to call out to a REST API.  It works fine on my
>>> laptop under OSX but gives the error:
>>> 		Can't resolve foreign symbol "SSL_load_error_strings"
>>> on a CentOS box.  OpenSSL is installed.  What else do I need to
>>> configure?
>> That's not much error context, so it's hard to say.
>> Do you get similar results when doing the following?
>> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.3-r12003M  (LinuxX8632)!
>> ? (open-shared-library "libssl.so")
>> #<SHLIB libssl.so.6 #x149EDE2E>
>> ? (external "SSL_load_error_strings")
>> #<EXTERNAL-ENTRY-POINT "SSL_load_error_strings" (#xF7B23B50)
>> libssl.so.6 #x149ECF86>
>> ?
> Here's what I get from that:
> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.3-r11936  (LinuxX8664)!
> ? (open-shared-library "libssl.so")
> > Error: Error opening shared library "libssl.so": libssl.so: cannot
> open shared object file: No such file or directory
> > While executing: OPEN-SHARED-LIBRARY, in process listener(1).
> > Type :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
> > Type :? for other options.
> 1 > :pop
> ? (open-shared-library "libssl3.so")
> #<SHLIB libssl3.so #x30004148C88D>
> ? (external "SSL_load_error_strings")
> #<EXTERNAL-ENTRY-POINT "SSL_load_error_strings" {unresolved}
> #x30004149FCBD>
> ?
> That looks like there is a problem.  Do I need a different version of
> OpenSSL?
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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