[Openmcl-devel] lisp binding for qt

Alexander Repenning ralex at cs.colorado.edu
Mon Mar 23 09:30:05 PDT 2009

That does look interesting indeed. Did you get it to work with CCL  
(mac or pc)?

I just looked at it for about 5 minutes. One problem could be its use  
of some reader macros that may clash with CCL, e.g.,

> The reader macro for #_ has a special case: If it is followed by  
> new, it keeps reading to find a class name, then returns a call to a  
> constructor instead.


On Mar 21, 2009, at 10:15 AM, Raffael Cavallaro wrote:

> thought alex and others might be interested in this as a possible
> cross-platform gui base:
> <http://common-lisp.net/project/commonqt/>
> Raffael Cavallaro, Ph.D.
> raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
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