[Openmcl-devel] File descriptor issue trying to use LTk on win32

Matthew D. Swank akopa.gmane.poster at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 12:29:43 PDT 2009

Gary Byers <gb <at> clozure.com> writes:

> The comment in <http://trac.clozure.com/openmcl/changeset/11816>
> doesn't mention it, but this change was the first diff on that page.
> (All of these changes were propagated to 1.3 in r11818.)
> On Sat, 28 Mar 2009, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:
> >
> > On Mar 28, 2009, at 10:16 PM, Matthew D. Swank wrote:
> >
> >> Using CCL 1.3 RC1 on windows XP, I get the following error when LTk
> >> tries to run
> >> an external process:
> >>
> >> value 440 is not of the expected type CCL:MACPTR.
> >>   [Condition of type TYPE-ERROR]
> >
> > I *think* that this bug is fixed in svn.  Please update from svn,
> > rebuild the lisp with (rebuild-ccl :clean t) and see if it works.

Thank you.  That fixed the type-error.  I'm still having weird issues trying to
start LTk from slime (it hangs starting from slime, but not from the inferior
lisp buffer), but I need to isolate the problem before I can say something more


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