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Arthur W Cater arthur.cater at ucd.ie
Fri May 8 02:12:22 PDT 2009

As I mentioned in March, I have a similar problem with errors occurring on other threads,
in my case often threads other than the Event thread.
I'm told to type (:Y 8)   eg   but neither the Listener nor the AltConsole does anything
when I do so. A simple example of this is with

(process-run-function "Breaker" #'(lambda nil (break "Talk to me")))

The Event thread still runs, but there is no way afaik of getting any
debugging info, not even a simple backtrace.


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> we got early parts of our game engine ported to CCL. Things are going pretty well so far, i.e., event processing and threading working better than ever in MCL, but...

> In the IDE version practically 90% of the code is running in some thread other than the main one, e.g., some method dealing with a mouse click, some animation running, some opengl view rendering. No problem as long as there is no bug. The moment there is a problem in any of these event handling, animation or rendering methods one gets the AltConsole. In there I usually do not get a prompt to do anything meaningful. I have to scroll back to see what caused the problem "*** Error in event process:  ...." The functionality is very limited compared to getting the same bug in the main thread with feedback in the listener. I cannot 

> - get an interactive backtrace: backtrace list with disclosure triangles
> - get restart menus
> - clear/delete the content. Text just piles up. The Edit > Delete menu does not work. A clear button similar to the OS X console would be great

> In other words the problem is that in 90% of the cases (code running in non main thread) one gets 10% of the debugging functionality. In MCL a new thread associated Listener would pop up giving the developer the same debugging tools no matter which thread caused the issue. 

> Could that functionality be added to CCL?

> alex

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