[Openmcl-devel] Using OpenMCL with Aquamacs + Slime doesn't work

Daniel Dickison danieldickison at gmail.com
Fri May 8 12:31:21 PDT 2009

I can say for sure that the latest CCL 1.3 from SVN with the latest  
SLIME from CVS and Aquamacs 1.7 definitely works for me, on an Intel  
Mac (64-bit).

I have slime checked out to ~/src/slime, and I have this in my  
Aquamacs Preferences.el file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/src/slime")
(require 'slime)
(set-language-environment "UTF-8")
(setq slime-net-coding-system 'utf-8-unix)
(slime-setup '(slime-fancy slime-xref-browser))

I normally start swank from the command line and connect to it from  
Aquamacs, and the shell script I have for starting swank looks like:

ccl -l "$HOME/src/slime/swank-loader.lisp" \
     -e '(swank-loader:init :load-contribs t)' \
     -e '(swank:create-server :coding-system "utf-8")' \

It took me a while to figure out the :load-contribs t thing, but it  
seems to be necessary.

Let me know if these don't work for you.  I've tackled setting up CCL  
and SLIME on all sorts of ancient to new Macs so I can hopefully  
help.  Including the backtrace from the error you encounter would help  
narrow it down.


On May 8, 2009, at 3:21 PM, Manuel Weikert wrote:

> 2009/5/8 David Reitter <reitter at cmu.edu>:
>> So you want to use the latest Aquamacs release along with a recent  
>> build of
>> SLIME, both available as point-and-click installers from
>> http://aquamacs.org.
> Hmmm... I have brand new versions of Aquamacs and Slime. Both
> downloaded from aquamacs.org a few days ago. But I had an older
> Version running before, so I erased all available files belonging to
> Aquamacs and Slime and installed it again. Result: the same error...
> The website says that the version of Slime available for download
> works fine with OpenMCL... Well, not for me...
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