[Openmcl-devel] (#_ _exit 0) on triple EOD

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Sun May 10 17:19:10 PDT 2009

On May 10, 2009, at 4:56 PM, Leslie P. Polzer wrote:

> This seems a bit crude; there are multiple ways that CCL may exit,
> but this way the user application cannot easily (portably)
> set up hooks for it.
> I seems as if triple EOD was meant to be an emergency exit, but
> personally I use it all the time as a convenient manner of
> quitting, which is also in line with EOD's usual connotations.
> FWIW, SBCL handles EOD gracefully (calling its exit hooks)
> and instead provides a :RECKLESSLY-P arg to its QUIT function
> that makes it possible to force an immediate exit.

If you like to use ^D as a way to quit the lisp, you can do that by  
setting ccl:*quit-on-eof* to T in your ccl-init.lisp file.

The "quit on triple eof" is there to try to keep this lisp from going  
berserk in certain circumstances;  see


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