[Openmcl-devel] Automating the build

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun May 17 00:41:29 PDT 2009

Doing (require "COCOA-APPLICATION") briefly initializes the IDE,
then PROCESS-INTERRUPTs the event thread, telling it to save
an image.

The event thread gets far enough to run NSApplication's #/finishLaunching
method, which is documented as being something which:

"Activates the receiver, opens any files specified by the NSOpen user
default, and unhighlights the application's icon."

I have a hunch that that description hasn't been changed since the
NeXT, where phrases like "the NSOpen user default" may have had more
meaning.  What the method currently tries to do is to look at the
command line arguments, not really understand what it sees, and conclude
that the argument "(require 'cocoa-application)" must be a file that
needs to be opened.  Wackiness ensues.

I don't think that it's really necessary to start the event loop
in response to (REQUIRE "COCOA-APPLICATION").  Unless/until that's
changed, you can probably avoid this by doing

echo "(require 'cocoa-application)" | ./dx86cl64 -n

On Sat, 16 May 2009, Ron Garret wrote:

> I wrote myself a little script that automatically does an SVN update
> and rebuilds CCL.  That script includes the following line:
> ./dx86cl64 -n -e "(require 'cocoa-application)"
> When I try to execute this, it mostly works, that is, it does rebuild
> the IDE, but before it finishes it pops up a window that says, "The
> file "(require 'cocoa-application)" could not be found" which has to
> be manually dismissed before the script will finish.
> Is this a bug?  A feature?  Is there a workaround?
> Thanks,
> rg
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