[Openmcl-devel] Visual Bugs in the IDE

Laughing Water lw at mt.net
Wed May 20 13:25:30 PDT 2009

Sorry, but I just can't resist -

In picturing what might lead you to type a long run of carriage  
returns, I have this image of you sleeping and drooling on the keyboard.

Sorry again!

Laughing Water

On May 20, 2009, at 1:44 PM, Ron Garret wrote:

> On May 20, 2009, at 2:43 AM, John McAleely wrote:
>> - Opening the file 'md5.lisp' (sourced from the internet some time  
>> ago, attached), and scrolling it with the mouse/vertical scroll  
>> bar, resulted in the syntax colouring inverting from time to time  
>> (code became blue, strings black). I could not reproduce this with  
>> other files, but it was very reliable with md5.lisp across multiple  
>> invocations of the IDE. This occurs as the function 'md5sum-stream'  
>> is in the visible area, near the center of the window.
> I've produced what I believe to be a minimal reproduction of this  
> bug (file enclosed).  You can *add* just about anything to this  
> minimal file and still produce the bug, but removing any of the  
> characters in the file seems to make the problem go away.
> Note that the file contains a long run of blank lines.  Those are  
> necessary.  The bug depends on the size of the window in which the  
> file is being displayed.  The more blank lines (actually they don't  
> have to be blank, but the carriage returns have to be there) the  
> larger the window can be and still manifest the problem.
> In the course of investigating this I discovered the following  
> charming behavior: if you type a string into the listener that  
> consists of a carriage return, an open-paren, and then a long run of  
> carriage returns (60 or so), the listener will become unresponsive  
> (i.e. subsequent forms will fail to be evaluated).
> It's been a fun morning.
> rg
> <foo.lisp>
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